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Discover how Creative Learning Systems can help your school engage learners of all abilities in STEM, digital media arts and 21st century skills.


SmartLab 21st century learning labs are fully-integrated classroom programs custom-designed to meet each school’s unique academic objectives. SmartLabs engage learners of all abilities through hands-on, minds-on projects in STEM, technology exploration and digital media arts.

“It’s like a gymnasium for critical thinking”
Tom Delgado, Principal, Prairie View Middle School, Brighton Colorado

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Video and Multimedia Solutions

Fully-integrated media production systems designed specifically for schools and supported with curriculum, professional development and world-class technical support.

“With seamless integration of technology and exceptional training and support, our students and staff were able to focus on what we do best - learning to be creatively expressive!”
Rory Pullens, Head of School and CEO, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Washington, DC.

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