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A few months back, I blogged about news coverage on the new SmartLab at Englewood High School in Colorado.  Englewood was recently in the news again as the only school district in Colorado to successfully pass bond and mill levy initiatives in the November elections.

It’s worth noting that the SmartLab was a key element of the value proposition to District taxpayers.  Creative Learning Systems was proud to work with the District in hosting open houses in the SmartLab for community leaders.  It’s no coincidence that the news team chose to interview SmartLab Facilitator Sean Duffy in addition to Superintendent Brian Ewert about the successful ballot initiatives.

The District’s message to voters was clear: Englewood School District is committed to providing innovative, 21st century learning opportunities benefitting its students as well as the broader community.  It’s a message that clearly resonates with voters and the SmartLab served as visible evidence of this commitment.

Congratulations Englewood.  As always, we are proud to be your educational partner. 

U.S. Treasurer Inspires SmartLab Students

United States Treasurer Rosie Rios spent time with students in the Slater Middle School SmartLab in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  Ms. Rios is passionate about inspiring kids, especially young girls, to pursue an interest in math and science.   While inspiring students, Ms. Rios was herself inspired by the achievements of Slater students in the SmartLab.

We are grateful to Ms. Rios for making it a priority to meet and encourage young learners.  Instilling a passion for math and science is a difficult, but critical, task.  In the SmartLab, we support math and science through applied technology and project-based learning.  We infuse technology, including digital art and multimedia to connect with learners that might not naturally gravitate to those areas.

While we work hard every day to engage learners in STEM and other academic pursuits, there is no substitute for role models like Ms. Rios to inspire young learners. 

Read more about Ms. Rios visit here.


Photo courtesy of Pawtucket Times

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