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A core value at Creative Learning Systems is that SmartLabs are most powerful when they evolve to meet the needs of each school community.  We design SmartLabs to be flexible learning platforms and encourage Facilitators to adapt and build upon the learning resources we provide.  SmartLab Facilitators are constantly innovating new and creative ways to drive better learning, and we do our best to share the best of these innovations with our family of school partners. 

In that spirit, we were so impressed with the new website developed at Slater Middle School in Pawtucket Rhode Island.  Built with Weebly, a free-website development tool, it not only functions as a class communication platform, but also provides a vehicle to share student work and involve parents and the broader school community in the SmartLab. 

Congratulations to John Martinelli, Slater's SmartLab Facilitator for developing and sharing this terrific resource!

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