Career Ready Students: What Employers Really Want

Most educators are committed to helping prepare students for career success. Schools devote considerable effort to ensure that academic standards meet this need. 

But what do employers really look for when hiring? 

A new Wall Street Journal study analyzed 2.3 million LinkedIn profiles in search of an answer. The results of the study may offer new perspectives into how we define “career ready”. These findings provide important considerations for the development of programs to address this important mission.

According the Wall Street Journal, employers are increasingly looking for workers with strong soft skills. Communication skills topped the list of soft skills in demand by employers. This was followed by organization, teamwork, punctuality, critical thinking, social skills, creativity, interpersonal communication, adaptability and having a friendly personality.

While we sometimes refer to these competencies as “soft skills”, employers consider them to be absolutely critical for hiring and career success. Schools that recognize career readiness as an important element of their educational mission would do well to commit resources to developing these skills in addition to necessary foundations in academic content.  

Creative Learning Systems SmartLabs provide project-based STEM and media arts programs that develop critical workplace skills like those highlighted in the Wall Street Journal article. 

Learn more about how SmartLabs address these critical workplace skills. 

North Dakota Center for Distance Education Chooses SmartLabs for Blended Learning Initiative

Creative Learning Systems is partnering with the North Dakota Center for Distance Education to develop a SmartLab program to support blended learning for the state's rural communities. Dr. Alan Peterson, Director of ND CDE, is the visionary behind this this innovative initiative. Dr. Peterson recently shared his thinking behind integrating SmartLabs in the North Dakota educational mission on his blog.

You can read his blog here: 

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