Englewood Schools Offers STEM SmartLabs for All Learners

Englewood Schools has become the first district in Colorado to offer fully-integrated K-12 SmartLab STEM programs to all students district-wide. 

Creative Learning Systems' partnership with Englewoood Schools began in 2011 with a single SmartLab in Englewood High School. Since then, we have implemented seven additional labs. With a generous grant from the Gill Foundation, Englewood was able to add SmartLab programs in each of its elementary schools ensuring that all of its students have access to next-generation STEM education. 

This groundbreaking initiative was announced in a press conference yesterday at Bishop Elementary School. Denver's 9News was there to report on the event.

OMG, This is Science!

This is a fun time of year at Creative Learning Systems. All of our hard work over the summer is richly rewarded as students see their new school SmartLabs for the first time and we hear the reactions.

This story comes to us from new SmartLab Facilitator Elisa Cohen at Lake International School (Denver, CO): 

I invited some students in to help me label and finish getting the lab ready. Step one was to set up the solar oven and bake some cookies. 

The kid in charge said, "OMG, this is science!" He explored it for awhile and then turned to the manual, saying, "Before I go further, I need to read how this works." 

Such music to my ears!

Thanks for sharing Elisa!

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