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Creative Learning Systems has pioneered the conversion of traditional learning environments to project-based learning experiences since 1987.

Today, Creative Learning Systems partners with the most innovative school leaders nationwide to provide personalized, project-based learning experiences and environments that increase a student’s capacity through engaged, active, and social problem-solving.

We exist to ensure that today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders, prepared and ready to solve the complex challenges in our ever-changing world. 

Our Philosophy

  • All learners require proficiency in STEM. STEM programs must address the needs of a wide range of abilities, learning styles, and personal interests.
  • The most effective STEM education is an integrated, transdisciplinary approach that builds connections to fine arts, language arts, and social studies.
  • College and career readiness demands next generation skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and communication, project and time management, creativity, and adaptability. These skills must be an integral part of the educational experience.
  • Application of technology to work is a critical workplace competency. Students should have the opportunity to actively practice and develop these skills in school.
  • Personalized learning is individualized, differentiated, and relevant to the interests of every student. Personalized learning empowers students to shape their own learning experience.
  • Authentic learning requires authentic assessment. ePortfolios provide a basis for authentic assessment while developing critical communication skills.

Our mission is simple: Engage every learner, every day.

About Creative Learning Systems
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