Authentic Assessment

The SmartLab® ePortfolio System: Authentic Assessment for Authentic Learning

The SmartLab® ePortfolio System™ program provides a framework for documenting project-based learning and assessing next-generation skills. It’s a student-focused, integrated toolset to help learners manage project activities, document their learning and develop effective, high impact project presentations.

  • Daily journals and project presentations enable authentic assessment of learning
  • ePortfolio templates guide learners in establishing project objectives, documenting process and outcomes, and assessment and reflection
  • Flexible assessment rubrics allow learners and facilitators to assess learning and next generation skills including collaboration, project management and communication
  • ePortfolio templates can be easily modified and adapted to individual school learning objectives
  • Compatible with cloud or server-based ePortfolio configuration options
  • Cloud-based ePortfolio access from any Internet-connected computer or device
  • Seamless integration with Google Apps for Education
  • Facilitators can organize, track and assess student work anywhere, anytime
Authentic Assessment

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