Designing Your SmartLab® Program

A SmartLab® for Every Purpose. A SmartLab® for Every Budget.

Every school is unique. And so is every SmartLab®.

Creative Learning Systems’ experienced design consultants work closely with your educational team to create the SmartLab® program that’s right for you. SmartLab® programs are customized for your educational objectives, class size, room(s), schedule and, of course, budget. Curriculum is tailored to meet academic objectives such as STEM, alternative energy exploration, digital media arts, and college and career pathway exploration. SmartLab® programs can be scheduled as core or elective classes, or provide a technology resource center to support the whole school.

We provide complete design and system specifications and coordinate with your facilities and IT staff, architects and construction team to ensure a smooth implementation from start to finish. From the moment you decide a SmartLab® program is right for your school, Creative Learning Systems is committed to designing and implementing a program to meet the unique needs of your learning community.

Sample SmartLab® Floor Plan

Sample Floor Plan - Designing Your SmartLab® for Your School

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