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How was school today?

It’s a question that has elementary SmartLab students bursting with enthusiasm. Elementary students explore robotics, software engineering, mechanics and structures, circuitry, scientific data and analysis, alternative energy, computer graphics, and digital media arts. That’s a great day at school!

Girls In An Elementary SmartLab

SmartLab programs are fully-articulated for K–12. Everything from technology and equipment to classroom design to curriculum and scheduling are carefully chosen and thoughtfully integrated to provide an age-appropriate learning experience.

Elementary students rotate from project to project in upper elementary grades while whole-class, teacher-led activities provide age-appropriate guidance for younger learners. Students learn to develop project objectives and document their learning in ePortfolios, daily journals and project presentations.

Students At A Peninsula In An Elementary SmartLab

In an elementary SmartLab program, young learners discover a wide range of applied technologies. They engage in authentic first-hand experiences in STEM, building interest and inspiring many to pursue these fields in more depth in the years to come.

“We must prepare all students, including girls and people of color who are underrepresented in these fields, to be proficient in STEM subjects.”

—Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology 

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