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How was school today?

It’s a question that has elementary SmartLab® students bursting with enthusiasm. Elementary students explore robotics, software engineering, mechanics and structures, circuitry, scientific data and analysis, alternative energy, computer graphics, and digital media arts. That’s a great day at school!

SmartLab® programs are fully-articulated for K-12. Everything from technology and equipment to classroom design to curriculum and scheduling are carefully chosen and thoughtfully integrated to provide an age-appropriate learning experience.

Elementary students rotate from project to project in upper elementary grades while whole-class, teacher-led activities provide age-appropriate guidance for younger learners. Students learn to develop project objectives and document their learning in ePortfolios, daily journals and project presentations.

In an elementary SmartLab® program, young learners discover a wide range of applied technologies. They engage in authentic first-hand experiences in STEM, building interest and inspiring many to pursue these fields in more depth in the years to come.

Girls In An Elementary SmartLab
Students At A Peninsula In An Elementary SmartLab
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