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Addressing Educational Initiatives with SmartLabs®

Today’s educators face more challenges than ever before. In addition to meeting traditional academic standards, we must prepare students to succeed in a fast paced, technology-infused, global economy. The knowledge and skills students require is rapidly changing. To excel in college and careers, they will need to use technology that hasn’t been invented in jobs that do not yet exist.

In addition to core academic knowledge, we must prepare learners to think critically and creatively. Students must be problem solvers. They must be effective collaborators and communicators. They must be adaptable and independent lifelong learners.

Most educators recognize that these new challenges require new approaches. Traditional textbook and testing methods cannot prepare learners in these next generation/21st century skills nor assess their proficiency and progress.

That’s where SmartLabs® come in.

What educational initiatives are important to your academic mission? Click on the links below to learn more about how SmartLab® next generation learning labs can help you meet your critical educational challenges.

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