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As important as it is for students to have access to technology, the way technology is used in the classroom matters. It’s important that leading-edge technology tools are integrated into everyday workflow so technology can enable learning rather than distract from it.

Much of technology spending in K–12 is devoted to teaching and administrative uses. While this type of technology investment is important, technology in the classroom works best when used by students as part of their learning. Because technology changes quickly, the emphasis should be on applying technology toward goals. While the technology tool will change, the concepts underlying it will be transferable to newer technologies.

The SmartLab® Approach

Our strategy is simple: put technology in the hands of students. In a SmartLab®, technology enables learning. Students use and apply a wide range of technology tools every day as they complete their projects and document their learning. Learning to use and apply technology tools is emphasized over limited skillsets that become obsolete as technology changes.

The hardware and software in a SmartLab® is chosen carefully to be engaging and student-friendly while meeting professional standards. In the SmartLab®, students utilize leading-edge technology they may not have at home and can rarely access elsewhere in school.

Applied Technology In The Classroom
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